Teaching K-12 programming shouldn’t be harder for remote classes

As schools pivot to fully online, synchronous online, and hybrid learning approaches, teachers face a daunting task: developing effective ways to teach programming in this new environment. At SPEL, we understand the challenges that teachers face and provide the resources they need to succeed when they teach introductory programming courses—whether in-person or remotely. Here are some of the issues associated with online teaching and the solutions that SPEL provides to solve them:

Problem: Getting started poses a technical challenge

Learning management systems don’t typically offer the development environments that are needed for programming. This leaves students to install an environment on their own, which can be a difficult task even for experienced professionals. SPEL’s Python book integrates an editor and related libraries for writing and running programs, so that neither teachers nor students need to install any specialized software to run their programs.

Problem: Troubleshooting code is difficult and time-consuming

Programming teachers know the importance of working with students and helping them understand how to correct errors in their programs. But teachers can’t be available around the clock to answer student questions. The built-in checker tool in SPEL’s Python book provides students with hints on how to correct their program, circumventing frustration and leading to a better learning experience.

Problem: Distance learning is isolating and boring

Online learning can be isolating when there is no face-to-face interaction with the teacher and peers. Additionally, programming as it is traditionally taught can be frustrating, unfocused, and even boring for students. We know how important it is to capture student attention and interest from the onset of the class; If a student does not enjoy a course, they may be dissuaded from pursuing further study in that area altogether. SPEL’s Python book is paired with an exciting adventure story that will keep students engaged and excited about the class curriculum.

The SPEL platform has been developed for teachers, by teachers. SPEL Technologies offers a novel programming experience for classrooms – try our online textbook “Merscythe: Adventures with the Codue” today.

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